Tiny Stray Puppy Taken From Her Mom By Kids Melts In Rescuer’s Arms

A tiny puppy who was separated from her mom by kids who wanted to play with her has gone from terrified to loved. Sidewalk Specials came to rescue the puppy in the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa.

The puppy had been hiding and trying to survive for a week after she had been cast aside by the children who stole her from her mother. Sidewalk Specials said the kids got bored with her and put her on the mountain.

Initially the puppy was very scared and led her rescuers to her hiding spot. But she was curious about them so she stuck her head out from beneath her secret spot and the moment she was picked up she went “totally mellow.”

Her rescuer says it was “a very endearing rescue” because the pup just wanted to be hugged. It must have been so scary for the puppy to being away from her mom. But Sidewalk Specials reveals that “Pippin” the puppy has forgotten her troubled past because she went right away to a wonderful loving home!

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