Stray Pit Bull Found On Scorching Hot Roof Overjoyed To See Rescuers

“How’d you get up there?” That’s the first thing Andy Gallo, an animal cruelty investigator with Arizona Humane Society, asked when he spotted a stray Pit Bull on the roof of a home.

With no idea of how the dog got on the roof, Gallo had initially been thrown off by the call. How would a dog get on top of a stranger’s home?

Arriving at the home, Gallo noticed the white-pawed dog hopped and barked happily as he approached and climbed up onto the roof.

“Rufio” (now renamed “Khan”) was so excited to be rescued he was trying to roll over on the roof! Thankfully, Gallo got Khan down without incident as you will see in the video below:

The 9-month-old rowdy and rambunctious “wigglebutt” charmed everyone at Arizona Humane Society and he didn’t have to wait long to find a forever family.

Lindsey fell in love with Khan and says he’s brought nothing but joy to her life and he’s more cuddly than any dog she’s ever owned.

You can help the Arizona Humane Society care for more dogs like Khan by visiting their website.



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