Stray Cat Crashes Live TV Broadcast To Take A Nap On Warm Laptop And Gets Himself A Home

A stray kitten accidentally became a television star after he wandered into a live broadcast in a studio in Turkey. The cat first adorably appears on screen when he peeks up over the desk before jumping up onto the desk.

TV presenter, Kudret Çelebioğlu, completely kept his cool as his surprise guest interrupted his show, Good Morning Denizli. Instead, he acknowledged his “surprise guest” before calmly presenting the daily newspaper headlines.

Çelebioğlu also made sure to point out for viewers that as the weather has gotten colder outside, stray cats like his impromptu guest are getting hungry and he urged people to feed and look after the street cats in their neighborhoods.

While he spoke, the stray cat decided to make himself more comfortable and walked over to the announcer’s laptop and made himself comfortable on its warm surface. Çelebioğlu gives the cat a tiny tickle before calling for a production assistant to take the cat away.

The cat has since been named Hüsnü and reportedly has been adopted by one of the station’s staff. This is one story in which curiosity got a cat exactly what he wanted – a warm home, regular meals and a family! Share this cat’s happy ending with all of your friends and family!

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