Stray Husky Dog Who Shrunk Away From People Learns To Love

A scared, stray Husky who did not trust humans when she was first rescued has learned to love. Hope For Paws shared the heartwarming rescue of Lilac. The husky was found living outside of an elementary school. She had been on the streets for a very long time that she was wary of any person who approached. But rescuers managed to coax her over with food and snare her.

Dodo/Hope For Paws

Rescuers soon learned just how traumatized the poor dog was. While at the veterinarian, Lilac would stare into the corner of her kennel, shrinking into the walls. Farren Mahone, who became Lilac’s trainer, explained that Lilac had learned to be invisible to survive.

Hope For Paws

Lilac was terrified of touch and shut down whenever someone approached. But after months and months of work, Lilac was slowly letting go of her fear.

Two months later Farren introduced Lilac to her friend Tanja, who was looking for a rescue dog to adopt. That’s when the most heartwarming moment took place. Tanja was crouched down and playing with the dogs when Lilac approached and tapped her. It was Lilac’s way of saying she was ready and that she had found her future family!

Watch Lilac’s rescue and incredible transformation in the video below:

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