Dog Whose Snout Was Chopped By Machete Flies Thousands Of Miles For Life-Saving Surgery

A stray dog who has been living with a horrific wound on his snout for over a year is getting life-saving surgery thanks to a couple dedicated to helping him.

Tyson lost part of his snout when a farmer in Nicaragua chopped it off with a machete. When a Canadian couple learned about the plight of the disfigured beagle mix through social media, they went above and beyond to help him.

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For two months, veterinarian Dr. Graham Thatcher and his wife Andrea White negotiated with airlines to convince them to help fly the dog to Canada.

Many of the airlines were reluctant due to the dog’s health. But he was finally cleared in early November and arrived in Ottawa to undergo surgery.

Tyson’s health first needed to be evaluated before he was cleared for surgery.

In early December, he was finally scheduled for surgery.

The operation included a bone graft to reattach his snout with plates and screws.

It will be a few months before Tyson can use his mouth again, however, he is recovering nicely!

Tyson has made an amazing recovery in the past year and his family could not be more happy.

Update: one year later!

“This loveable mutt arrived in Canada one year ago today and has made a full recovery from the severe machete wound he sustained while living in Nicaragua,” Tyson’s adoptive family writes. “Since then he has become a member of our family and has filled our home with laughter and love with his antics and sweet nature. Tyson, as you bask in the glow of a warm fire, know that you’re loved very much and that you will never know hardship again.”

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