Heroic Stray Dog Leads Rescuers To Mama And Her Newborn Puppies

For weeks, a black stray dog wandering in Crawford Park in Southeast Dallas, Texas, wouldn’t let animal rescuers near him. The dog kept his distance until one night, when he greeted the rescuers with loud, panicked barking.

He had never behaved like that before, so it caught the attention of Marina Tarashevsce, an animal rescuer with Dallas Dogrrr, and John  Miller, a dog behaviorist. They ended up following the dog and what he lead them to earned him the name “Hero”.

Hero barked for Marina and John to follow him.


Hero. Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr / Facebook

They followed him into dense forest. It was pitch black but he lead them to a burnt-out tree by a muddy creek bed.


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

Peeking inside they found a mom and her puppies!


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

There were 10 puppies!


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

They caught the mom and her pups and got them safely to their car. The mom was a bit scared and stressed and exhausted from recently giving birth. Her rescuers named her Mona.


Mona and her puppies. Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

They went back for Hero afterwards and this time he didn’t mind them catching him. I think he wanted to check on the puppies.


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

He kept a watchful eye on Dr. Hamlin with Mercy Animal Clinic to make sure he’s gentle with Mona and her puppies.


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

One of the puppies named Bear Grills was found frozen and stiff when they found him. But luckily he pulled through!


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

He was soon back nursing with his mom and he’s been pre-adopted already!


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

Mona and her puppies are now in a foster home and growing up fast.


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

One Catahoula mix puppy is almost twice as big as the smallest pup, another looks like a tiny Rottweiler and one looks just like Hero, so there were probably several fathers.


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

Of course these pups have only one true dad – Hero.

“He might not be the biological father he is the most loving and nurturing dog dad,” Marina wrote on Dallas Dogrrr’s Facebook page . “This boy is the best dad and Mona and her babies are very lucky to have such a very loving protector.”


Photo credit: Dallas Dogrrr

If you would like to help Dallas Dogrrr and their efforts to help stray dogs like Hero and Mona visit their Facebook page.

The dog family were rescued on March 10, 2015. I hope Mona, her puppies and Hero all find loving homes soon!

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