Stray Dog Adorably Brings Soccer Match To A Halt To Play Fetch

A dog brought a soccer match to a standstill after she ran onto the field and decided to play fetch with the ball.

The adorable dog took over the field during a soccer match between San Lorenzo and Arsenal de Sarandí in Argentina for a full 30 minutes as officials and players chased her down.

She was having so much fun and seemed to have such good ball-handling skills that she won over the crowd and the players at the match.

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In fact, the crowd was so thrilled with her 30 minutes of fun that she was interviewed by sportscasters afterwards. But what did she do? She tried to grab the microphone!

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The playful dog turned out to be a stray but she didn’t stay one for very long. The stadium groundskeeper adopted the dog and gave her a job, and on the soccer field no less. According to, she will work with a few other dogs to chase away birds that try and eat the grass seed on the pitch.

She definitely is one lucky pup! Watch some of her antics (including the post-game interview) in the video below.

Note: video below is in Spanish language.

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