Stray Dog Goes From Scared To Snuggling Foster Mom

A stray dog had almost given up living when he was picked up off the streets of Houston, Texas. But within 24 hours the dog was in the foster care of Caitie, who immediately took the sick husky mix home.

The dog’s mange was so advanced people had mistaken him for a coyote. His condition probably is what made people overlook him for weeks, possibly months, according to Caitie.

As soon as “Yukon” was in her care, Caitie treated him to an unsalted meat patty. He was “pitiful and scared” at first. But he was more exhausted than anything else. He probably was so tired because he had had nowhere to relax when he was homeless and fighting his infection was also tiring.

But after a couple of days of love and food, Yukon was not only very trusting but also wanted to cuddle. He would soon learn to socialize with Caitie’s dogs and his fur began to grow back. And wait until you see what an amazing looking dog he is now!

Yukon is now ready for a forever home. For those interested in adopting Yukon, visit the Chip N’ Snip website for details.

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