Blind Poodle Wanted To Bite Rescuer, Now Only Wants To Sit In His Lap

When animal rescuer Eldad Hagar first approached a stray Poodle living on the streets of Los Angeles, the tiny dog was so scared that he kept trying to bite him. At first, Eldad thought the dog’s aggressive behavior was because he was injured.

“When we received the call on the Hope For Paws line, I thought I was responding to a call about a dog who was hit by a car,” the Hope For Paws founder explained on YouTube. “I had no idea the dog was paralyzed by fear of moving around… blind.”

Hope For Paws

With no cheeseburgers available, Eldad had to rely on treats and a snare to try and catch the tiny dog. But even after successfully snaring the dog, the dog kept trying to bite him.

Hope For Paws

Eldad took his time to calm the dog down, and even asked the dog to sit in his lap. Instead, “Dolittle” sat beside him, but seemed reassured after 30 minutes that Eldad wasn’t going to hurt him.

After a bit of difficulty getting into the car, Dolittle surprised Eldad by asking to sit in his lap!

It wasn’t until after getting Dolittle to the groomer’s that Hagar realized the dog was partially blind. During the rescue, he couldn’t see Doolittle’s eyes against the sun. But the dog’s blindness explained why he was so reluctant to be touched and why he had a hard time getting into the car!

Dolittle has received eye surgery that restored his sight and he went into foster care with L.A. Animal Rescue.

Hagar writes, “The aftercare for Dolittle was long, and our friends at L.A Animal Rescue did an incredible job in teaching him how to trust people again.” Dolittle’s change in demeanor as result of their care is simply incredible to see. He has transformed from a scared, helpless dog to a sweet and happy dog!

To apply to adopt Dolittle or to see many of the other animals L.A. Animal Rescue has for adoption, please visit: their website

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