Woman Films Large Stampede Of Sheep Taking Over The Road

With its rolling hills and lush green, New Zealand is the perfect countryside for raising sheep. In fact, the small island nation has the highest density of sheep per unit area in the world. There are roughly 6 sheep per every person, that’s close to 30 million sheep!

The tourist in the video below met a few, well, maybe a few thousand of them when she was out driving. She noticed traffic had slowed to a crawl and she was so excited to see the animals taking over the road and stampeding right past her. A true “lampede.”

“While driving through the Waioeka Gorge in the Gisborne Region of New Zealand the traffic stopped to let this huge flock of sheep take over the road,” the woman writes. “I always have my camera at the ready and seized the moment!”

The “baaing” the sheep make as they run past is pretty incredible. There’s just something about a big flock of sheep that captures the imagination!

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