How To Make A Giant Meatball Stuffed With Spaghetti

Now here’s a dish that turns the traditional spaghetti and meatballs on its head! Instead of the traditional meatballs on top of pasta you bake the pasta inside a giant meatball!

It looks simple to make too. Once you’ve made your pasta and coated it with a marinara sauce, you will place it inside a ground meat mix you’ve prepared.

Taking a casserole dish, line it with tin foil. Next make your meatball mix. Add your favorite spices and ingredients and then place a layer of meat into the tin-foil lined bowl. Next put your cooked pasta in. Then put another layer of meat mix on top to create a “spaghetti sandwich”. Wrap and then bake in the oven at 350 F for around an hour and it’s nearly ready to go. Just add more marinara sauce with some grated parmesan or mozzarella to top it off and you and your family are ready to eat!

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