Soldier Helps Injured Dog On Side Of The Highway When No One Else Would

A dog got a second chance after being hit by a car when he was spotted by a soldier next to an Oklahoma highway. The soldier was heading to Arkansas to report for duty when she saw the hurt German Shepherd off to the side of the road.

“He was hurt and the temperature outside was dropping, so with assistance of some other motorist I flagged down, we loaded him in the vehicle and I took him to an Emergency Vet clinic I am familiar with,” the Good Samaritan shared with the Bella Foundation SPCA.


“I fully expected this pup had a broken back or a terrible injury that would end up with me having to say he needs to be euthanized, that in and of itself broke my heart but I simply couldn’t leave him out there in pain on the highway to freeze to death and suffer.”

Everyone ignored this injured dog and left him to die alone by that road, but this soldier helped when nobody else would.

No one should ever die alone in agony while people carelessly drive by, and this soldier refused to let that happen to this dog. What an awesome act of kindness and compassion!

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