Skunk Struggling In Middle Of Lake Helped Back To Shore

A couple out fishing on a lake in Texas, USA, recently caught something unexpected when they spotted a skunk in the middle of the lake.

The skunk immediately began swimming in their direction, so they decided to give the drowning animal a helping hand. The woman shared footage of the rescue and wrote on ViralHog’s YouTube channel:

“The husband and myself were fishing on the lake when we spotted something swimming in the center. As we got closer, we realized it was a skunk. As soon as it saw the boat, it started swimming our way.”

The Good Samaritan brought out her fishing net and the skunk seemed to know it was a life preserver meant for her and grabs hold of it.


“We couldn’t leave it, so I scooped it up with the net,” the woman writes. “My husband Jason drove the boat towards shore so we could release it. It collapsed as soon as it got on shore and then slowly walked away.”

When the skunk gets onto dry land she plunks now. Her rescuer proclaims, “Oh my God she’s exhausted.” Thankfully, seconds later the skunk is seen getting up and walking towards the woods.

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