Hound Wants To Sing So He Bugs His Mom Until She Plays Piano For Him

“My dog won’t quit harassing me until I play something on the piano,” says Ashton Biggs of her dog Goose. Goose is a Treeing Walker Coonhound with a love of singing. When he gets an itch to howl he’ll bark and bark excitedly until Ashton goes to the piano. And she has the videos to prove it.

@ashbi681 Another Favorite of his. #hallelujah #piano #singing #dog #cute #Goose #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – ✨AB✨

Goose has developed such a love of piano music that he even has his favorite songs. Hallelujah is one. Bohemian Rhapsody is another.

@ashbi681 His passion is surreal. Goose has a few words to say 👉🏼 @America’s Got Talent @Jimmy Fallon #piano #dog #cute #singingdogs #sing #agt #sassy #Goose #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – ✨AB✨

It seems that Goose discovered his love of music later in life. When asked how Goose came to love piano music so much on TikTok, Ashton shared the story. “That’s actually a funny story. He had never seen or heard a piano until 2020 when he was 5 years old. We moved to a different city and I was just playing, and he started howling. It was just a happy coincidence.”

@ashbi681 Reply to @pugdisorder Sorry I haven’t gotten the chance to do any longer videos. I’ll get some more this weekend! #sing #dog #cute #agt #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – ✨AB✨

What strikes many people listening to Goose sing is that the hound often appears to sing in tune with the music. Others have observed that Goose closes his eyes like he’s really deep in his soul singing. And it really does seem like the piano music must have spoken to something deep in his soul, because now Goose wants to sing all the time.

“His passion is surreal,” Ashton commented about her dog.

The short clip of Bohemian Rhapsody was such a hit with viewers that Ashton has shared a longer version which you can watch below.

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