Sick Tiger Cub Saved From Traveling Circus Makes An Amazing Recovery

A tiger cub named Aasha was a mere 30 pounds when she was 9 months old and rescued from a traveling circus. Normally, a tiger of her age would be triple the weight.

Aasha was discovered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture who reached out to Vicky Keahey, founder of Texas’ In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center telling her that the cub was being treated terribly.

The baby tiger had been bitten by a larger tiger she was kept with and she was suffering from ringworm that was causing her to lose her fur and affected her health. Keahy took her to her sanctuary and after several months of special baths and medical treatment, Aasha began to recover and grow bigger.

The next step was to see how well she would do with other tigers. She was slowly introduced to a larger male tiger named Smuggler and the two hit it off! Five years later, Aasha has grown from a sick cub to a loving playmate.

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