Siberian Husky Puppy Was About To Be Euthanized But One Woman Refused To Give Up On Him

A Siberian Husky puppy named Casper born with Swimmer’s Syndrome was mere moments away from euthanasia when Gina swept in and rescued him. Casper’s breeder gave him to a veterinarian to be euthanized because they did not know how to care for his condition. When Gina got an urgent call from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue asking if she could help, she knew she wanted to give the pup a chance to live.

Unable to walk because of Swimmer’s syndrome and with a weak heart and pulse, Casper was not a good prospect for survival let alone walk.

But Gina refused to give up on him. She immediately began Acuscope Session Therapy to treat his condition, and in just one day the little pup began to feel better.

In the video below, Gina tells her story of how she saved Casper and gave the tiny puppy a second chance. Just watch and see Casper’s amazing transformation. It’s incredible what a little love can do!

And shortly after this video was produced, Casper was adopted by a wonderful young man!

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below:

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