Dog Would Have Died In Shelter, But Now She Is Being Trained To Be A K9

Many K9 dogs for police departments across the United States are sourced from breeders overseas and and trained in Europe. Such dogs cost departments tens of thousands of dollars. But one K9 dog trainer is taking a completely different approach. Brad Croft, the founder of Universal K9, is rescuing dogs from kill shelters and training them for police work.

Brad and his mostly-military trained staff scour the country looking for shelter dogs that need a second chance to prove their worth. There’s no shortage of eligible candidates. Brad told ABC News, “All they need is a chance to prove themselves and these dogs will work every bit as hard as the purebred dogs that we bring in from overseas.”

The dogs are taught how to detect drugs and explosives, do scent tracking and search and rescue work. Once the dogs have graduated, they are welcomed into police departments across the country!

In one year, Universal K9 was on track to saving 100 dogs. One dog they saved is named Sadie. She’s a young mixed breed dog rescued off the street. She became a star pupil in Brad’s program.

Brad said the few dogs they are rescuing is a drop in the bucket compared to the number of dogs euthanized in shelters every year. But through support from the community and fundraising they are doing what they can.

What an amazing program! Watch the video to see Sadie and other dogs transforming into heroic K9s!

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