Shelter Dog With Love Of Buckets Over Pools Is A Lovable ‘Weirdo’

A dog at Austin Animal Center has achieved the coveted “certified weirdo” status by the shelter staff because of his unusual habit of sitting in buckets. That wouldn’t normally be odd but for the size of the bucket!

Yes, Centaur has adopted the tried and true animal motto “If I fits, I sits” whenever he sees one of the buckets that are placed around the shelter for cleaning up.

After the shelter shared Centaur’s predilection for sitting in the water pails this past May, they received prompts from many well-meaning animal lovers to get Centaur a kiddie pool, so the shelter obliged.

They updated their followers on Facebook as to the outcome: “When we posted Centaur a few weeks ago, some of you (reasonably) suggested getting him a pool. Well, it turns out Centaur is a certified weirdo.” They added, “[Come get yourself a dog with personality!”

dog sits in bucket at Austin Animal Center

Austin Animal Center

Yes, it appears that Centaur was in no hurry to give up the comfort of the bucket, which he gravitated to when it got hot outside. But Centaur is no dummy. As the weather in Texas turns to summer heat, he’s taken a liking to the pool, although he still likes his bucket.

“He absolutely loves the pool now,” Kelsey Cler, marketing and communication program manager at Austin Animal Center, told The Dodo. “He especially likes to bob for treats in the pool and, of course, roll in the dirt once he gets out. [But] he still likes to go in the bucket even with a pool available.”

dog sits in bucket at Austin Animal Center

Austin Animal Center

The 4-year-old dog arrived at the shelter in March of 2022. However, even though Centaur’s antics have gone viral, he is still available for adoption. It’s hard to believe, we know, because who wouldn’t want a dog with so much personality?

Austin Animal Center says that Centaur is a high-energy dog with lots of love to give, writing: “This goofy boy has so much personality! He is looking for an adopter to go on adventures and laugh with because believe us, there won’t be a day that goes by that he won’t make you laugh.” They make sure to add he comes with the coveted bucket too. They write, “Centaur’s profile has been noted that he goes home WITH A BUCKET!”

Austin Animal Center

Pupdate: Jul 1, 2022

The “certified weirdo” has left the building. Austin Animal Center shared wonderful news. Centaur has been adopted (with his trusty bucket.).

“That’s right, our OG certified weirdo Centaur has FINALLY found his person,” they wrote on Facebook, where they also shared a photo of Centaur and his new mom both smiling. We’re sure they are going to be both very happy!

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