Shelter Dog Jumps Over Kennel Wall To Be With Her Friend

Shelter dogs Brenda and Linda are sharing a kennel together. But that’s only because Brenda took matters into her own paws in a moment shelter staff is calling “truly magnificent.”

When staff opened up at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control shelter recently and checked the kennels they were shocked to see two pitties in one kennel. Their security camera surveillance cameras cracked the case and revealed that during the night Brenda leaped over the wall separating her from Linda.

The shelter explains that “Brenda and Linda arrived to MACC recently as strays together. Linda recently got moved to a kennel next to Brenda and well the rest is history. They are now sharing a bigger kennel together.”

Both Brenda and Linda are both available for adoption. Hopes are that the pair’s newfound viral fame will lead to an adoption together. “Brenda and Linda are both available for adoption,” the shelter writes about the dogs. “Both are dog friendly, but they also love each other and would love a home together. Brenda (the high jumper) has been a helper dog in playgroups. Linda is a happy coexister.”

The shelter knows it’s a tall order to have the two large dogs adopted together. Their shelter is at near capacity and they say surrenders are up and adoptions are down, a trend seen throughout the United States. But they still are holding out hope these two besties can stay together.

Visit the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control website here to inquire about adoption.

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