Homeless Man Gives Up Injured Dog So She Can Have A Better Life

Sheba, a black Labrador/Shepherd mix arrived at the East Bay SPCA limping behind a somewhat disheveled man riding his bike. “While she may have been in pain, she was so good-natured that she did not show it. The man knew his dog better,” explains PAWsitive.

The man was homeless and told the staff at the California animal shelter that Sheba had gotten into a dog fight by accident. Sheba’s leg was bandaged but it was damp and her leg was showing signs of serious infection.

The man told them he could not afford the medical care for Sheba. East Bay offered to take her in and help her but that would mean giving her up. Her human knew that she needed medical attention and knew he had to give her up. He knelt down in front of her, told her that he loved her and reassured her that “this is the best that I can do for you right now.” He pet her, then he left.

That was the beginning of Sheba’s journey back to health and her new life. There were some unexpected, heartbreaking decisions to be made along the way, but Sheba wasn’t about to let life’s setbacks slow her down…

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