Brave Divers Remove Hooks From Distressed Shark

What these two men do to help sharks is pretty amazing! Friends Cameron Nimmo and Randy Jordan have made it their mission to help sharks that have been pierced with fishing hooks and remove them from their mouths, noses, and bodies. By flipping a shark onto its back, the animal goes into a trance-like state, which allows the men to pull out the nasty hooks.

In this video, they came across a 6-foot Silky shark with a hook protruding from its mouth and show the technique they use to remove it!

The hooks are often left in the sharks after being caught and released by fishermen. The pair, who go by the name Shark Addicts, says on average about 75 percent of the ten to twenty sharks they encounter have hooks in them. They hope their videos will raise awareness about sharks’ precarious position in the ecosystem and show that humans pose more of a threat to them than they do to us.