Husbands Urged To Help With Housework In Ad That’s Sparked Debate

One doesn’t expect a commercial for laundry detergent to target important social issues head-on, but this advertisement does just that, taking aim at the double standards that exist in many marriages when it comes to housework. The Indian ad for Ariel detergent opens with a father visiting his daughter. He marvels at everything she does – coming home from her job, cleaning up, cooking and taking care of her children and husband.

He not only feels admiration, he feels ashamed that she is doing everything alone, as he sees her busily at work while her husband sits back and watches TV. The woman’s father is sorry he never discouraged her from playing house as a young girl and that his son-in-law’s parents never encouraged him to help out more. The father is overcome with regret and decides to make a change that very moment to “share the load”.

Since its release, the commercial has been viewed by millions of people. It shares a different kind of message and one that’s sure to spark discussion and debate. Share this viral video with your friends!

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