Depressed Old Dog Just Stares Blankly At The Wall After Being Returned To The Shelter Three Times

Princess the Bulldog has been waiting over 980 days for a home. It’s not that her rescuers haven’t tried to find her one.  But she’s experienced over two and a half years moving through temporary foster homes and failed adoptions and life in a kennel. Princess currently resides at a boarding facility, where she is doted on by volunteers and rescuers  who make sure she is walked, gets play time and lots of attention. But  the 8-year-old dog is showing signs of depression, no doubt because she still hasn’t found a family to love her enough to keep her.

Back in January 2013, her family of 6 years handed her over to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix, Arizona. They were moving and did not want to take her with them.

Because of her age (Princess was roughly 6 years old at the time) and her breed, Princess quickly found herself on the kill-list. Luckily for her, Elena Bobu, who works with Rescue Pals, noticed her and came and rescued her.


Photo credit: Facebook / Princess the Bulldog

Princess was overjoyed to get out of the shelter. Elena soon discovered that Princess is a friendly, sweet, and loving dog “who loves people more than life itself”.


Photo credit: Facebook / Princess the Bulldog

Her other personality traits are humorously described on her adoption website: “I am a couch potato. I get spurs of energy and I get super excited when it’s time to walk or go play in the yard, when I get visitors and most importantly when it’s meal time. I LOOOOOOVE food. I would do anything for food, food is just great!


Photo credit: Instagram / Princess the Bulldog

She has been adopted, but the families were not a good fit. In one instance, when Elena checked on her, she found Princess in the backyard without food or water. Elena promptly bought Princess back. Two other failed adoptions later, the disappointments are beginning to take their toll on Princess. Each time she’s returned to her kennel, she gets a little bit sadder.


Photo credit: Facebook / Princess the Bulldog

Elena says that despite getting regular attention from her caregivers at the boarding facility, she sometimes catches Princess just staring at the wall. Being the sociable dog that she is, Princess perks up the moment someone stops by.


Photo credit: Instagram / Princess the Bulldog

Elena and her rescuers are trying to spread the word about this lovable senior in hopes that the fourth time’s the charm, and that Princess will find a forever family who will take care of her the way she deserves.


Photo credit: Instagram / Princess the Bulldog

Visit Princess’ website and Facebook to find out more about her.

Update: December 2016

Princess was adopted in December 2015 by a wonderful couple, who wish to remain anonymous. However, they regularly share pupdates with Elena. And on their 1 year anniversary of going to live with her new mom and dad, Princess’ parents shared this update:

“I think if I could express anything on this one year adopt-i-versary it would be…. Princess, we can’t begin to express how much joy and love you have brought into our lives.

Photo credit: Facebook / Princess the Bulldog

“You came to us at a time when our hearts were sad and empty and you filled that void the way only you could. We knew the minute you arrived for your ‘trial visit’ that you were exactly where you were meant to be. With us. As a part of our family. You are our happy, wacky little butter bean and we couldn’t love you more!

“We want to give our most heart felt thanks to everyone who had a hand in us finding each other. We couldn’t be more grateful!”

How wonderful is that? I’m so happy Princess got her happy ending!

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