Senior Dog Ditched At Shelter With Request That She Be Put Down Is Rescued

When Princess was left outside the doorstep of Animal Welfare League of Alexandria in Virginia she was left behind with all her belongings and a request that she be euthanized and her things to be given away to other dogs.

Miri's Haven Senior Dog Rescue

Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue

Shelter staff were shocked. They were told by Princess’ former owner that she had advanced kidney disease, according to Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue, but they refused to put Princess down. Instead, they reached out to their friends at the senior dog rescue.

Miri’s Haven were equally surprised at Princess’ circumstances. They thought the circumstances around Princess’ abandonment didn’t quite add up but they welcomed her into their hospice program.

“Princess was ditched in a little crate with bags and bags of items. She had clearly been loved and the lack of concern for her precious life did not reflect in each of her belongings,” the dog rescue wrote on Facebook. “There was a disconnect and we will never know what that was but Princess is safe and she has adjusted to her hospice home with ease.”

Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue

Princess went to a loving hospice home where she was immediately accepted and settled in.

Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue

She is “rocking sweaters” because it’s been a “little chilly” on the east coast and the rescue said, “We don’t support chilly dogs here at the Haven. Warmth for all!”

The group said that since her arrival at her foster home “she has simply stunned us all.” Not only with her resilience but with her health, so much so that they are now investigating if Princess is really as ill as they were led to believe.

“Dumping her outside the shelter is always a sign that the report about the dog’s perceived medical issues is possibly not the case,” Miri’s Haven wrote. They shared that they had another dog, Buster, who they were told was 20 years old with terminal cancer. They “determined that he is 10 years old and we have him ready for surgery to hopefully remove suspected cancer.”

Their experience is telling them that perhaps Princess’ story is similar. Most recently (on October 1st), they said, “We are coming to believe she is not hospice and could likely be adopted by a family ready for a sweet senior.”

Miri’s Haven shared a video of Princess enjoying some time outside, writing, “Here she is hitting her stride in the yard with foster mom Jenny and loving every minute.”

Princess’ rescuers plan on keeping an eye on her and keep her in hospice care with her foster for the time being. Meanwhile, to support Princess and the other loving seniors in Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue, visit their website.

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