Senior Dog ‘Almost Died From Broken Heart’ But Then She Meets Young Friend

Senior rescue dogs Reese and Morgan did everything together. The two dogs instantly bonded when they first met and joined the home of Amy Thatcher. But when Morgan succumbed to kidney disease at age 12, Reese was devastated.

She was so heartbroken that she stopped eating and was in despair. Amy was so worried she began to sleep with her grieving dog. She brought foster puppies home for a few days to try and cheer Reese up, because the dog loves puppies. But Amy told the Dodo in an interview nothing helped.

That’s when Amy thought maybe a new companion was the answer. She took a look through Best Friends Animal Society‘s adoptable dogs when a pit bull named Jeep caught her attention. He is a younger dog, something that was different for Amy had only adopted senior dogs but decided a younger dog was necessary as she didn’t want to risk Reese having to grieve again. So Amy went to meet the 1-year-old dog and immediately loved him.

But how did Reese react?

Watch the sweet video below to see:

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Reese immediately bonded with Jeep. Not only did she start eating again, she began to smile again.

“Morgan made my life better by just being her, and I’ll never forget her,” Amy said. “But Jeep came into my life when my heart, like Reese’s, was broken. He got us through a tough time, and I don’t know how we would’ve gotten through it without him.”

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