Elderly Dog Abandoned Behind A Bush With A Note Reading ‘I Don’t Need A Dog’

When South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance first spotted Tessa, she was sitting behind a bush on the side of the road. It was instantly clear what had happened to her.

“Some scumbag has dumped this dog – behind a bush at Oldcoates car boot,” wrote Alan Webster, who runs the British volunteer ambulance service for pets on April 23, 2017. “We arrived here at 5 am this morning to find him [her] tied up and laying on a wet bed.”

When Alan approached the senior dog, they found her with dog food, her bowls, a bed and a note. The note explained that the person had dumped the dog after reluctantly agreeing to take her from a neighbor. It ended with “I don’t need a dog.”

The note read:

“The dog (Tessa) is 12 years old (Tessa) is not my dog. My neighbour told me that Tessa is chipped. My neighbour asked me if I would take charge of Tessa. As my neighbour – has planned herself a new life in (Canada), reluctantly I said ‘yes’ (but) I did know I will not keep Tessa.”

“Tessa likes tea, coffee and watered milk. Tessa’s first meal is close to 11:30 am. My neighbour is now gone to (Canada). My neighbour was happy thinking that Tessa is in good hands. Sorry for the above but I don’t need a dog.”

Instead of taking Tessa to a shelter or trying to find her a home, the man appears to have simply dumped her.

“On inspection of the carrier bag containing dog food, we found a note. And if the note is true then shame on the woman who went to live in Canada (personally I think it’s a lie) and shame on the bloke who tied up and dumped an elderly dog in a field with the expectations of someone finding her,” Alan wrote on Facebook.

“I’m too polite to put in words what I really think,” he added. “Anyway Tessa had some warm rice pudding for her breakfast, and chicken for dinner.”

He later updated everyone to let them know that they now know who abandoned Tessa and “have ruled out any wrong doing of the original owner who has gone to the States to live.” It is not known presently if the man will be facing any criminal charges.

After giving Tessa a warm meal, Alan took Tessa to the local dog shelter and she is now with Dogs Trust in Leeds. She is up for adoption and Alan hopes she finds a deserving family to look after her.