Rescuers Struggle To Save Poodle Who Had Been Hiding Under Home For 5 Months

Scotty the poodle survived on the streets for 5 months, and found refuge under a house. He was so petrified of people that he would not let anyone approach him. Kindly people left out food for him, but he continued to hide under the house and that’s where he lived.

That is until Hope For Paws came and crawled under the house to get him. Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli struggled to reach him for two hours after he wedged himself into a small space where they couldn’t reach him.

“During our struggle down there, Lisa lifts her head quickly, and she got hurt by a rusty nail and started bleeding,” Eldad wrote. “As we were sitting there, we tried many different tricks until I spotted a metal pipe that enabled Lisa to create a larger opening and then I was able to grab his tail – something I have never done before on a rescue! We managed to get him out, Scotty bit my leg a couple of times, and then he relaxed… he realized that we were there to help.”

Scotty’s realization that he’s safe causes an almost immediate transformation, and it’s wonderful to watch!

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