‘Scary’ Cat Never Gets Bored Of Playing With Almonds

Ari, the rescued black cat, has a curious favorite plaything that her mom only discovered after trial and error. Ari has a short attention span when playing with toys so one day her mom threw her an almond only to discover that Ari loved it!

Ari never gets bored of her almonds and loves to play fetch with them. She’s gone through a number of the nuts and loves to stuff them in weird places and hide them. Her human jokes Ari has “murdered” countless almonds (but never eats them, that’s for “silly” humans to do.) But that’s only one of the cat’s curious quirks.

Ari has a wild, weird side that comes out when she’s playful. She arches her back and puffs out her tail like she is a scaredy cat but she’s really just being dramatic and gearing up to play and race around the house.

The “ferocious panther fluff-ninja-combo moves” slowly emerged the more relaxed she became after her rescue. Her family says her “fluffing” is not fear but more because she is full of energy!

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