Runaway Luggage Keeps On Rolling Across Airport Ramp

A stray piece of luggage decided to go on its own special trip after it fell off a luggage trolley in Dallas Fort Worth International airport.

A person waiting in the airport lounge spotted the runaway luggage and shot video as it rolls across the airport ramp. And it just doesn’t stop…it just keeps going and going!

“On a particularly windy day, November 8, 2021, I was sitting in the admirals club at DFW International Airport when I saw a bag fall off of a luggage trolley,” describes the person who filmed the video.

The observer says the luggage landed on its wheels and began to roll away. Fortunately for the traveller their luggage was caught! Says the videographer, “The roller bag landed upright on its wheels and continued to roll for almost a minute straight until a grounds crew pulled over to retrieve it.”

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