Puppies Who Were Rescued Off The Streets Have Magical Celebration With Their Mom And New Families

Rosie the Pit Bull was living on the streets of Los Angeles when Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws came to rescue her. He soon realized the hungry, nervous dog must have recently given birth. Eldad was concerned because the puppies were not near her. He sat with her for a while, but she would not lead him to her puppies.

That’s when he came up with a clever way to convince her. He played the sounds of whimpering puppies on his iPhone to her. When she heard the sounds, she raced to where her puppies were. All her puppies needed medical attention, but they all survived!

Once they were old enough all Rosie’s puppies – Faith, Champ, Samson, Shadow, and Clyde – were adopted, and Rosie was too. And the families have all kept in touch over the years. How awesome is that?

The video below shows Rosie and all her puppies celebrating Rosie’s birthday! It looks like it was a magical day! And to think of how they all came into the world!

Here is the rescue video of Rosie and her puppies!

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