Chef Hears About A Dog Dying In A Hot Car And Decides To Act

Despite warnings to the public not to leave their dogs in hot cars, people continue to do so. But a chef in Austria is doing something to fight against it. Chef Rabie Hijazi works at Restaurant Hayat in Salzburg and he knows too well that dogs are often left in the car so that their owners can quickly grab a bite to eat.


Chef Rabie Hijazi. Photo credit: Facebook / Hayat Salzburg

Rabie is a big dog fan, and he has been thinking about what could be done to prevent that from happening.

He was especially upset after he recently heard about Fidji, a 14 months old boxer, who died after being left in the car while his owners were shopping at IKEA.

Rabie and his staff decided they needed to make sure none of their patrons made the same mistake. So, they posted this sign in the lobby of the restaurant. It’s a simple gesture that’s being met with applause from customers and the general public alike.

Roughly translated, it reads:

Dear Guest,

Please do not leave your dog in the hot car just because you want to “quickly” get something to eat. Bring your dog with you. We have a large terrace with sandy beach and the “best friend of man” can stay and drink as much as he/she wants.

The Havat Team


Photo credit: Facebook / Hayat Salzburg

The photo has been liked more than 46,000 times since Rabie posted it to Facebook.

As you can see, their terrace does, in fact, have sand!


Photo credit: Facebook / Hayat Salzburg

I’m happy to see individuals and businesses being proactive about preventing such tragedies and getting dog owners to think twice about leaving their dogs in the car, especially in the summer!

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