Rescuer Dragged By Huge Dog As She Tries To Save Him From Cruel Abandonment

Someone dropped him off in the middle of nowhere like he was trash, but this enormous dog was about to get the help he so desperately deserved. Hope For Paws received a call about Gershwin, who had been living around a truck stop north of Los Angeles for two months, trying to scrounge scraps to survive. Eldad Hagar soon realizes that Gershwin is a very large dog – the largest dog that they have ever rescued – and that even though he was enormous Gershwin was afraid of men.

Loreta Frankonyte would have to be the one to approach the 110 pound dog. Gershwin had been living for weeks in the incredible desert heat without water or food and was incredibly skittish. With some gentle coaxing Loretta manages to ensnare Gershwin only to have the huge dog drag her on the ground like a rag doll. But she refused to let go! The rescue is very intense to watch, as you’ll see in the video below.

“I can’t even believe I asked Loreta Frankonyte to do what she ended up doing to save Gershwin’s life,” Eldad wrote afterwards. “This was very dangerous and could have resulted in a very serious injury!”

But thankfully, Gershwin settled down when he realizes they are there to save him. His story isn’t over yet and Gershwin now needs a loving forever home. Visit LA Animal Rescue and help him find a home by sharing his story.

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