Sheep Is Freed From Ditch Only To Jump Right Back In Again

A sheep that was freed after being trapped in a ditch only to have another stroke of bad luck seconds later has captured the attention of Internet viewers around the world.

The good-humored video of the ill-fated sheep begins with a family spotting the animal face down (bum up) in a trench that appears to have been recently dug for a pipe.


The young boy sets to rescuing the animal by cleverly using his belt to hoist the lamb out.

His rescue efforts are rewarded by the sight of the sheep back on all fours and freed from the dirty ditch. The sheep takes a few seconds to recover her footing and jumps away. But she doesn’t make more than two leaps in the air before…oh dear, that poor sheep!

It’s all the family can do not to laugh. After sharing the video, millions of others are laughing along with them. It’s as if bad luck, or an innate clumsiness, interferes when you are trying to help someone! But we’re quite sure the family went back over to the wayward animal and freed her yet again…successfully the second time.

The video reminds of another silly sheep who gets stuck in a tire. Don’t ask, just watch!

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