Rescued Sea Otters Adorably Make Snowballs And Show Everyone How To Enjoy A Snow Day

As commuters tried to wish away the snow after a recent snowstorm hit Vancouver, Canada, the otters at the Vancouver Aquarium took the winter weather in stride and decided to have some fun.

Rescued sea otters Tanu, Katmai, Mak, Kunik, Hardy and Rialto showed everyone how a snow day should be enjoyed when they found a pile of fresh snow in their enclosure.

They grabbed chunks of snow and rolled them on their belly, much like they would a sea urchin, enjoying makeshift snow cones and playing with snowballs.

The sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium were all rescued when they were babies and were bottle fed by the staff. Being so young they hadn’t learned how to groom or feed themselves, crucial skills to survive in the wild.

Watch and enjoy these sea otters enjoying their snow day in the cute video below.