Rescue of Senior Boxer Dog Hiding In Drainage Ditch Next To Dangerous Freeway

The rescue of a senior dog stuck in a drainage system could have gone horribly wrong, according to Hope For Paws. But thanks to a team of volunteers and rescuer Eldad Hagar’s experience saving animals, the dog was rescued.

The animal rescue organization recently received a text message about a Boxer dog stuck in the Los Angeles city drain.

Hope For Paws

Eldad located the dog with the help of Danhy Drago, who was able to find the exact spot where the dog was last seen.

He found the opening of the drainage pipe, which came out onto an incredibly dangerous part of the freeway.

Hope for Paws

If the dog were to run in any direction, he would end up on the freeway and could easily be struck by a speeding car. No wonder the dog had been spotted huddled at the innermost part of the drain duct!

But as luck would have it, Eldad spotted the Boxer when he was sleeping. And when the dog woke up, he ran into the drain pipe, which is exactly what Eldad wanted him to do.

Eldad suspected the Boxer was lost by the dog’s reaction, so he encouraged the big dog to “go on a walk” with him. With the help of volunteers they were able to lift Max to safety from the tight spot.

And wouldn’t you know, Eldad was right – Max had a microchip and had run away from home when he was frightened by fireworks a week earlier. Within a short time, Max was reunited with his family. A happy ending for Max and his family thanks to dedicated rescuers like Hope For Paws!

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