Rescue Dog Hilariously Fails Agility Course But Makes Everyone Smile

Kratu the rescue dog may not have the best skills when it comes to the agility course, but he makes up for it with his talent for making people smile.

The sweet dog was at Crufts to participate in the Rescue Dog Agility challenge and he made quite the impression. Like Olly the Jack Russell terrier, Kratu navigated the obstacle course with his own unique style!

His happiness entertaining the audience and pleasing his human shows no hints of his sad past. The mixed breed dog was rescued when he was a puppy from an abusive situation by the UK-based rescue group Wood Green and at 18-months-old, he found a home with Tessa Eagle Swan.

The happy, lumbering dog has become her emotional support dog, a role that suits his friendly nature to a tee!

While participating in the agility run, Kratu is filmed lumbering around the course, missing jumps and weaves and taking short excursions to say hello to the referees. He wins the most laughs for what he does in the tunnel.

But what Kratu lacks in finesse, he certainly makes up for in enthusiasm and the audience was completely enamored with him by the time he was done.

Watch Kratu’s agility attempt in the video below and join in on the smiles.

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