Rescue Dog Finds Chihuahua Lost In Snow For Three Days

A rescue dog with a knack for finding lost dogs recently saved the life of a tiny Chihuahua who had been lost for three days in the freezing cold. Willow was out with her dad searching for Taco after learning the Chihuahua went missing in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

The amateur sleuth/search dog managed to track Taco down in less than 5 minutes! The poor Chihuahua looks so cold, but he’s so lucky he survived and was found in time!

Willow’s dad explains how the successful rescue came about:

“In February 2021 Willow helped me track down a Weimaraner dog, Luna, that had been lost for 12hrs in -20*C it took only about 15 minutes to find her after many other people had been looking,” describes the dog owner on ViralHog.

“When I saw a Chihuahua had been missing for three days close to the spot where I had found the Weimaraner, I took Willow there and started looking for tracks. As soon as I let Willow off leash she ran down the hill 300m to Taco, it took less than 5 minutes.”

Willow’s dad says Willow had an amazing rescue story herself. He found her in 2019 “dumped in the woods with two broken rear legs. Nobody claimed her, so I adopted her.”

The two spend hours every day in the forest. It’s wonderful how Willow is paying forward her rescue by helping other dogs in need!

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