Woman Beautifully Refurbishes An Old Dresser

It’s a shame to throw away a perfectly fine piece of solid furniture if all it needs some sprucing up to be loved again. When Kelsey Johnson’s college friend decided she wanted to redo her old dresser, she painted it white and left it. That was until Kelsey pitched in to help her transform the dresser into something new and bright.

Kelsey shared her photos of her DIY project with Reshareworthy.com, and we’re sure you’ll agree she refurbished this dresser beautifully!

Her first step was to remove the drawers and take it outside.


She removed all the knobs and handles from the drawers.



Then she spray painted the dresser grey (her friend’s favorite colors being grey and pink).


Next she took some lace and laid it over the drawers. There’s no need to tape it down.


Taking her second color, she sprayed it over the lace. “It doesn’t take long to dry at all, and the lace can be used more than once” says Kelsey.


Peel it straight up!


The lace pattern will now be stencilled onto the drawer!



Instead of buying new hardware they just got a metallic paint to spice it up!


With everything done and dry, it was time to put it all back together again.


The dresser has been transformed from basic white to one with a lovely, soft design.


The lace stencil is a fantastic idea!


What a fabulous DIY project to make an old dresser new again!


Photos republished on Reshareworthy.com with permission from Kelsey Johnson. You can see more of her projects at her blog Design-Innovate-Create.

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