Man Gives Wild Baby Fox Clinging To Life A Second Chance

A fox cub named Red was found unconscious on the grounds of a factory in Oldham, England when Paul “the Fox Man” McDonald was called to see if he could help save her.

Paul is a fox specialist with Freshfields Animal Rescue. When he first saw Red, he knew the baby fox was hanging on by a thread.

Although her survival looked slim, he still wanted to give the little fox a chance.

He brought her to Parker Crowther Vets to see if she could be revived.

Under Paul and Sara the vet’s watchful eyes, Red showed signs of recovery.

She began eating it was a great sign she would make it.

When she began to walk again, there was hope she would make a full recovery.

After a week, Red was standing and sleeping and she “perked up” after being dewormed.

Paul has since introduced her to another cub he rescued named Bruno. The two cubs will be kept together until they are ready to be reintroduced back into the wild!

“It’s been a long evening of mixing Red and Bruno but they are now happily living alongside each other,” wrote Paul. “They weren’t really interested in each other to begin with but when moved into a smaller room and left alone when I opened door they were snuggled up together. Both sharing the same cage now before being transferred into a release pen.”

It looks like Red is well on her way to recovery thanks to her rescuers refusing to give up on her.

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