How To Recycle Old Bath Towels And Make A Rug

Have any old bath towels lying around that have outworn their usefulness? Here’s an awesome “upcycle” tip for transforming unused towels into an area rug or bath mat. Start by choosing several towels.

HGTV Handmade’s Marianne begins with three towels and walks through the steps:

– Fold the towels in half and start cutting one-inch strips. For her tutorial, Marianne cuts about 13 strips to make a medium-size rug.
– Take a strip in each color and sew the three ends together. Then start braiding the three strips. She finds it best to braid standing up and she folds the ends underneath so the raw edges don’t snow.
– Connect and sew three more strips onto those strips and continue braiding until you have one long braid.
– Sew the rug together as you shape it. She coils it along at the same time as she sews it. When she’s done she sews the ends together.

What a fun craft project that makes use of those old towels! If you liked this crafty project share it with your friends!

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