Man Is Speechless When He Learns How Much The Watch He Bought In The 1960s Is Worth

While serving in the army overseas in Germany 55 years ago, this American veteran was told by his sergeant that he should buy a watch before returning home. His sergeant recommended he buy a Rolex, because it was a great watch, and he ended up purchasing a GMT Master Model Rolex and kept the box and the receipt.

The watch cost him a month’s salary ($120) back in 1960 when he bought it. Curious of what it might be worth today, he brought it to the Antique Roadshow in Tucson, where Peter Planes appraised the watch. The man learns that not only is the Rolex that he purchased a rare one, but because he had kept the original sales receipt and saved the box, the value of the collectible watch was doubled!

Needless to say, when the man hears how much his watch is worth, he’s rendered completely speechless.

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