Quadriplegic Springer Spaniel Learns To Walk Again

This is a miraculous story of a dog who looked like he would never walk again. Sammi was a regular, active Springer Spaniel until he reached 8-years of age, when he suddenly became quadriplegic. Doctors found a bone growing inside his spinal column that eventually left him unable to walk or even lift his head up.

He had surgery, but the doctors were unable to correct the problem. Although Sammi’s long term prognosis was bad, Sammi’s humans, Janie and Steve, did not give up on him. They took him to a special rehabilitation center in the hopes that they could help him regain some mobility.

Sammi underwent three months of intensive daily rehabilitation to re-learn how to walk until one day he was able to stand up!

Sammi had an incredible drive to succeed until one day it came time to show his family how hard he had worked.

Janie stepped through the doors and witnessed a miracle – Sammi walking to her! Here’s the video of that amazing moment!

That was back in 2008, and today Sammi not only walks, he runs, jumps, swims and plays, just like before his ailment.

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