Puppy Punished In The Most Horrific Way For Chewing On Owner’s Phone Makes A Miraculous Recovery

At six weeks old Tuffy chewed his owner’s mobile phone. In response his owner poured a pot of boiling water over him and threw him off a fourth floor balcony onto the concrete below.

A young woman named Yan found Tuffy and rescued him. Every day for two weeks she took him to a local vet but his condition did not improve and he was suffering.

That’s when she drove to Animal Asia’s bear sanctuary outside of Chengdu in China hoping the animal rescue would be able to save Tuffy. Their vet Emily Drayton was shocked and sickened by what she saw. “I could not stop the tears,” she said. “Never had I seen an animal in so much pain.” The vets could not believe he had survived.

One could be forgiven for thinking perhaps humane euthanasia would be the best option for Tuffy. However, the vets consulted with one another and agreed that Tuffy badly wanted to live and vowed to do what they could to help him.

Tuffy began receiving around the clock care. For weeks upon weeks he was nursed and tended to as his skin and body healed. It was challenging. Tuffy was in bandages for months. His elbows and knees were fused to his body from the burns, his ears were pulled back and his burnt eyelids meant he slept with his eyes open.


Tuffy with Yan. Photo credit: Animals Asia

Time passed and Tuffy received skin grafts to help heal his wounds. He began wagging his tail more, he began eating properly and eventually he was able to close his eyes and sleep properly. He slowly began to play like a normal puppy too.


Photo credit: Animals Asia

He was always incredibly happy when Yan came to visit him. Tuffy is now home with his savior and is happy, pain free and loved. He has also become a bit of a fashion icon, with stylish coats and sweaters to keep him warm.


Photo credit: Animals Asia

“Tuffy has more passion for life than any animal, or person, I have ever met,” said Emily on Animal Asia’s website. “Nothing can keep him down. He is boisterous and full of play. To say Tuffy is a fighter is an understatement.”

Watch and learn more of Tuffy’s incredible recovery and his survivor spirit in the video below.

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