Puppy Trapped Under Concrete Breakwaters For A Month Is Finally Freed

Some people were walking near the large concrete blocks used as sea breakwaters at a beach in Egypt when they heard a tiny bark for help coming from below.

They discovered a dog had been trapped underneath the huge cylinders for a month so they called a local animal rescue group to see if they could help!

The rescuers learned that some kind residents had been feeding the puppy and giving her water through the cracks, but they had been unable to free her.

The rescuers first tried to reach the dog by squeezing between the cylinders…

…But it was very difficult.

The blocks were immovable and no one could get around them. But they remained determined to save the dog.

After several days without any success, they called for some heavy machines to come and help.

And then more help arrived.

They worked day and night for 5 days to push the rocks apart enough for the puppy to get out.

And she finally did!

She looks as relieved and happy as her rescuers!

She lapped up all the attention.

Her rescuers named her “Rock”, which is very appropriate.

Rock was quickly adopted and taken to her forever home and can now put her terrible ordeal behind her!

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