Puppy Barely Clinging To Life On Breeder’s Farm Needed A Miracle To Survive And He Got One

A Boston terrier puppy who was clinging to life a few months ago has made a miraculous recovery and is inspiring real change in the state where he was rescued.

Libre was found on on a farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania barely clinging to life in July 2016. The little puppy was emaciated, suffering from severe mange and a host of serious infections when Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, came to save him after she had been sent a photo from a concerned citizen.


Dillsburg Veterinary Center

Guido immediately rushed Libre to Dr. Ivan Pryor at Dillsburg Veterinary Center to see if he could be saved.


Dillsburg Veterinary Center

The poor puppy was in dire straits. Maggots were pulled from Libre’s skin folds and he was treated for dehydration and blood infections that kept him teetering on the edge of death.

For several weeks, Libre’s health was “touch and go” and his rescuers were on the edge of their seats, hoping he would pull through.

But every time it looked like they were about to lose him, Dr. Pryor managed to pull him back.

One month later, Guido was overjoyed to be able to take Libre home.

Slowly but surely Libre began to feel better.

As his story got out, one Pennsylvania state senator was inspired to push for change to the current animal cruelty laws, where even severe animal cruelty is not a felony.

Senator Richard Alloway drafted “Libre’s Law”, which aims to reclassify animal neglect, extreme neglect and abuse as a felony in Pennsylvania.

And one month after Libre was rescued, the farm’s owner was charged with animal cruelty according to Fox 43. The farmer also also willingly surrendered the sick puppy’s mother.

The good news wasn’t over yet. Soon after bringing Libre home, Guido officially adopted him. He now lives with her and her seven dogs as part of her family.

And in November, Guido proudly showed off Libre’s latest accomplishment. Libre is not only healthy and strong, he’s a new graduate from obedience class!

Although Libre’s Law was not brought up to vote this year, the bill will be reintroduced next year, and Speranza Animal Rescue is confident that it will eventually pass. Guido wrote the following on Speranza Animal Rescue’s Facebook page:

“While, this saddens me, I look back at the past months at what WAS accomplished. Because of a 4 month old Boston Terrier found clinging to life in July – it brought all of us animal lovers together as a whole.

Libre’s voice HAS been heard – not just in Pennsylvania, not just in the United States, but across the world. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. It’s something I live by. And there is a reason our bug-eyed miracle was not just brought in to my life – but ALL our lives. I know deep in my heart that Libre’s Law WILL pass. While it may be next year – it will happen.”

It’s wonderful to see the light that has come out of the dark and that one puppy’s survival has inspired change to the benefit of all dogs!

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