Three Puppies Trapped In Pool Of Tar And Unable To Move Rescued

The three tiny puppies were stuck for hours in rock-solid tar and unable to move, even an inch.

The stray puppies were encased in the solidified tar, which proved incredibly challenging for the rescuers of Animal Aid Unlimited. One puppy even had her mouth stuck open. Realizing they couldn’t pull the puppies out, the rescuers decided to take the entire slab of tar with them.

The cries of the poor puppies pierced my heart, but thanks to the dedication of these wonderful rescuers the puppies were eventually reed from their tar prisons.

“It took many hours over several days for our team to soften the tar by massaging oil and giving many baths, but these three puppies had incredibly strong spirits,” Animal Aid Unlimited writes on YouTube.

Not only did the puppies survive, but rescuers found their mama! Just watch this incredibly heartwarming reunion at 5:03 and share this amazing rescue with your friends and family.

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