15 Sweet Moments When The Family’s New Puppy Meets Their Furry Siblings

It’s always an exciting day when a family’s new puppy gets to meet their furry siblings. Whether they be cats or dogs, old or young, puppies are always curious to meet the members of their pack!

These puppies are so happy to meet their new siblings and it looks like the feeling is mutual! These photos capture the moment that these adorable friendships are starting to bloom! Except for #11, but I think the adorable puppy will work his charm and turn that grumpy cat around.

Take a look at these sweet first meetings in the photos below:

1. “First time our 3 year old Great Dane met our 2 month old Great Dane.”

2. “My dog is a little happy about meeting my new puppy.”

3. “First ‘aww moment’ with the new puppy.”

4. “Got a new puppy, the 1 year old will not sleep anywhere else.”

5. “Friend got a new puppy and he won’t leave the family cat alone!”

6. “My friend’s dog meeting his new brother for the first time.”

7. “Brought a new puppy home and was worried our dog (Stack on Jack) wouldn’t like her. I think it’s going to be ok!”

8. “Big dog loves her new puppy friend.”

9. “My dog meeting my new puppy for the first time.”


Little puppy meets Great Dane

11. “My cat doesn’t seem too pleased with the new puppy addition to the family.”

12. “My new puppy Gunner meets his new housemate (and biological older brother!) Bear for the first time.”

13. “Our cat is patiently dealing with the new puppy.”

14. “Our cat Videl with our new puppy Luca!”

15. “I think my dog likes the new puppy.”

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