Pony With Overgrown Hooves So Happy To Be Able To Run Again

Stella the pony was so neglected that her hooves were completely overgrown. Her hooves were so long she had difficulty walking. Julia Cesario learned that the elderly couple who owned Stella could no longer care for her. So Julia rescued her and brought the pony back to her farm in Springwater, Ontario.

Knowing that the farrier would be traumatic for her, they took their time. The first session took two hours, but thankfully there wasn’t much deformation in Stella’s curved hooves.

Once she was freed of the weight from her feet it didn’t take long for Stella to do what she loves to do – which is to run as fast as she can and play with her friends. Says Julia, she’s a totally new horse. And now Stella can’t wait for the farrier to come by!

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