Policeman Stops Runaway Driver That Hit Dog And Saves Dog’s Life

A sweet tiny poodle named Salma has a kind-hearted cop to thank for her life after she was struck by a car and left on the road to die. Sergeant Fernando Zurita was on the road in the city of Arica, Chile, when he noticed the small dog was hit by a taxi, and the driver was attempting to drive away, Soy Chile reports.

Zurita was not about to let that happen. Not only did he stand guard over Salma, ensuring that other cars would not run her over, he pulled over the taxi driver and insisted that the driver take her to the vet for medical attention.

Sergeant Zurita followed after the taxi to ensure the driver took Salma to hospital and she was treated. Salma ended up having two broken legs, but got patched up and is recovering.

Salma’s owner was alerted of Salma’s misadventure after seeing the viral photo online and was happily reunited with her dog shortly after! She hopes her dog’s story will serve as a caution for people to drive more carefully.

Thanks to Sgt. Zurita’s actions, Salma is alive and well. Zurita was recognized for his kindness by animal lovers online and in the Chile. He received a special recognition from the governor for what he did for Salma.

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