Police Pursue Man Seen Hitting Dog On Ring Camera After Video Uploaded To Social Media

Who is the man seen hitting and kicking a dog? That question arose after a resident of the Gateway Apartment Homes in Anaheim, California posted an alarming video from her Ring camera on social media last week.

The video shows a man in the hallway of the apartment building beating and kicking a black dog before grabbing the dog’s leash and dragging the dog after him.

Although the person whose Ring camera filmed the troubling case of animal cruelty, they did not contact the police. But the Anaheim Police Department saw the video on social media and immediately were on the case.

Thankfully, the Anaheim police appear to have identified the man. They wrote on Facebook on September 19, 2022:

“Although we can’t publicly provide the full details of the investigation, here is some info we can share and how you can help next:

“The suspect in question has been identified. He is not in custody at this time.”

“We are still attempting to locate the animal seen in the video. We believe the animal to be a Golden Doodle, black in color with curly hair, or similar medium-large breed. Anyone who may know the current location of the dog shown in the video is urged to call APD Detectives at 714-321-3669.

“We will provide an additional update when appropriate. Our goal in this, and any criminal investigation, is to collect all available evidence and facts in order to have the most complete investigation possible. To that end, our detectives continue to work on this case. Thank you to the many people who have provided information to our detectives.”

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